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The project management undertaken by SJ Construction extends to a multitude of diverse functions. Some of the key functions that we follow are:

  • Specification identification including, but not limited to, project goals, plans, scope, scheduling, budgeting and identifying project affiliates.
  • Ensure effectiveness of the implementation through acquisition of an adequate and experienced workforce and necessary equipment.
  • Ensure a solid, well-versed coordination and communication plan among management, and agents of the project for resolving conflicts and timely resolutions.

Bound by these rigid management processes, we consider important measures to ensure a standard life-cycle which includes project initiation, planning, implementation, and closing.

None of our projects are concluded without a proper closing. What this entails is an in-depth evaluation of not only what was achieved, but also what was problematic. This becomes valuable reaction for future projects.

Our pride is the assurance that our clients have that they would receive the most experienced and qualified people to implement their projects.